Meet Our Donors

Dick and Norma Sarns

In the 1960s, Dick Sarns developed the heart lung machine, now used worldwide during cardiac surgery. He founded Nu-Step, Inc., in 1987 which manufactures recumbent cross trainers used across the country by cardiac patients, as well as seniors and adults to maintain fitness. Today, he and his wife, Norma, continue to change lives for the better in so many ways, including their support of UMRC.

Their involvement with UMRC began as a matter of faith. Members of the Westside United Methodist Church, the couple says, “UMRC was, and still is, very important to our church.  We were always aware of UMRC and its fine reputation.”

The Sarns’ made their first gift in 1977 to UMRC’s “Retire the Debt” campaign.   Dick and Norma shared, “We made this gift to keep vulnerable seniors safe.  We were really impressed by UMRC… we appreciated the wisdom of the organization.”  Their support continues and, through their estate plan, these Wesley Legacy Society members ensure that they will continue to change the lives of seniors in the future.

Norma and Dick joined the UMRC Foundation Board in 2000 and 2002 respectively, and faithfully served until 2014. Says Norma, “Being on the Board offered exposure to UMRC… We really got to see, know, and experience the mission. We were connected to the facilities and those UMRC served.”

Dick adds, “We had friends and employees who called UMRC home.” One of those friends was Dr. Herbert Sloan, Jr., a pioneer in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, who lived at Silver Maples. Dick says his close friend “actively enjoyed living there.”

UMRC Foundation President Wendy Brightman says, “As successful innovators, business owners, and respected pillars in the community, Dick and Norma have many demands on their time. UMRC has been blessed by their commitment and support.”

To learn more about how you can join Dick and Norma in caring for seniors, please contact Wendy Brightman, UMRC Foundation President, at 734.433.1000 ext. 7502 or by e-mail at